About Daniel: During Junior High and High schools I developed a skill for Physics, Chemistry and Math as well as Mechanical operations. I joined the Navy as a Machinist Mate during the early 1980's and further developed my mechanical skills. After the Navy I was forced to maintained my own car in order to keep my the bills paid. During the late 80's my friends and neighbors gave me tasks to repair which gave me the opportunity to learn more. In 1987 I started working for Specialty Seals & Accessories and got to work with my skills rebuilding Seals for the Navy and City Pump Stations. In the early 90's I bought my first motorcycle. Around this time I was also crewing for a Bomber Class Stock Car at El Cajon Speedway (5 wins in the last 2 years). By 1996 I had replaced my first bike with a 1981 Gold Wing and joined GWTA chapter "C" as the Road Director. This presented me with a unique opportunely to network with other like minded individuals and get great ideas for fabrication. When a need arose to better maintain our rides I started a monthly meeting specifically to perform maintenance and repairs at my house. Since no good deed goes unpunished the needs far outstripped just one day a month and the Saturday crowd was born. Every Saturday I'm home we meet at my house to do what is needed. This ranges from general maintenance to complete fabrication projects. I also make every attempt to diagnose problems and find whats broke

My early work was crude at best since we had no fabrication abilities. In 2003 I purchased a TIG welder and Plasma Cutter and in 2005 I purchased a Mill-Lathe Combo and started machining what I needed. In 2008 and 2009 I make a couple of trips to the track to support Andy Kenefick racing a GSXR-750 and in 2010 I became his crew chief. I now support several race bike with what ever they need.


November, 2006 taken during Streetmasters Precision Cornering Workshop at Horse Thief Mile at Willow Springs Raceway, Rosamond CA. Click here for article written by Motorcycle.com


Last Updated: 7/29/2010