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Contact Information:
Daniel Sherburne
4865 Aberdeen St.
San Diego, CA 92117


D - Daniel's
H - Handyman
S - Services is my attempt to help those in need with a better and cost effective way to solve your mechanical needs. I can repair or manufacture aftermarket replacement items and some of my own design. I have a full machine shop including welding and fabrication facilities at my disposal. No one can solve all problems, but I try to continually expand my abilities with new processes as the need arrives. Read the About Daniel link to learn more about me and some of what I have done in the past.


About Daniel

Products for Sale

Gl-1800 Specific Aftermarket parts

GL-1800 Special Tools

Sportbike Special Tools


Last Updated: 9/28/2011

Here are the latest videos of Brad and Andy at Big Track 9/18/2011.